Professors and Research field

Faculty Research field Contact
Cláudio Roberto Thiersch
Biometrics and Forest Inventory
Diogo Aparecido Lopes da Silva
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Engineering
Eduardo Luiz Longui
Wood anatomy and Physical Properties
Fabio Akira Mori
Wood Science and Technology
Fabio Minoru Yamaji
Forest Resources, Biomass Energy and Wood Waste
Fátima C.M. Piña-Rodrigues
Forest Seed Production and Technology, Reproductive Ecology
Fiorella Fernanda Mazine Capelo
Botany and Vegetal Taxonomy
Franciane Andrade de Pádua
Forest Resources, Forest Biomass Energy and Wood Quality
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
Wood Physics and Growth Stress  
Iolanda Cristina Silveira Duarte
Applied Microbiology
José Mauro Santana da Silva
Forest Resources with emphasis on Forestry
Kelly Cristina Tonello
Forest Resources, Forest Hydrology and Springs Conservation
Luciana Camargo de Oliveira
Environmental Chemistry and Humic Substances
Luiz Carlos de Faria
Environmental Management and Forest Resources
Maurício Cetra
Quantitative Ecology, with emphasis on Freshwater Fish Community Ecology
Miguel Luiz Menezes Freitas
Forest Genetic Resources,
Quantitative Genetics and Forest Improvement
Miguel Petrere Júnior
Fishery Resources and Experimental Statistics, with an emphasis on Inland Fisheries Resources
Monica Fabiana Bento Moreira Thiersch
Bayesian Statistics, Applied Statistics in Biometric and Forest Inventory
Paulo Guilherme Molin Landscape Modeling, Hydrological Modeling and Landscape ecology
Pedro José Ferreira Filho
Forest Resources and Forest and Agronomic Engineering, with emphasis on Forest Entomology
Roberta De Oliveira Averna Valente
Applied Geoprocessing in Natural Resources, Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology
Vagner Roberto Botaro
Organic Physical-Chemistry, Composite Materials, Cellulose, Polysaccharide Modification and Lignin
Waldir Cintra de Jesus Junior
Agronomy and Forest Engineering, Plant Pathology and Forest Pathology
Walter Ruggeri Waldman
Chemical Sciences, Microplastics, Polymers, Polymers Degradation and Stabilization